Construction and assembly services

Railway automation, telecommunications and energy


We provide various construction and assembly services for investors in transport infrastructure. We operate in the field of railway automation, telecommunications and energy.
As part of the first sector of services, we do the design and installation of railway automation. The scope of our activities includes the performance of works as part of the reconstruction of railway traffic control devices at stations, railway lines and sidings, including mechanical, relay and computer devices. We also design and build automatic level crossing signaling systems and devices with accompanying infrastructure.
Our offer also includes comprehensive maintenance works in the field of technical and diagnostic service of railway traffic control devices, as well as works involving the localization and removal of faults in low-voltage cables.
In the teletechnical industry, we also offer a wide range of services. We deal with the design and construction of optical fiber optotelecommunication lines as well as telephone networks and structured cabling based on telecommunication cables. We handle each order comprehensively - from design, through cable works, to installation and commissioning of transmission devices.



światłą na torach kolejowych

In the field of energy, we deal with the construction of power cable lines as well as low and medium voltage power equipment. We also undertake orders for the construction of road signaling devices, external and internal lighting.
We approach each task with great commitment, trying to fully respond to the individual expectations and requirements of the investor.

All works are performed on the basis of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system implemented in the company in the field of design and installation of railway automation, wire telecommunications and energy.